Nelson Mandela's greatest speeches (VIDEO)

Nelson Mandela looks at a copy of his new book "Nelson Mandela, by himself" a book of quotations from him book. The book was launched June 27 at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Houghton, Johannesburg.
Debbie Yazbek/Nelson Mandela Foundation

From his first television interview in 1961 to the video messages he recorded for South Africans after he retired as president, Nelson Mandela was a masterful communicator, adept at finding common ground with people even as he took tough positions on complicated issues.

First television interview (1961)



Mandela speaks at his terrorism trial (audio) (1964)



Mandela speaks after being released from prison (1990)



Albertina Susulu nominates Nelson Mandela for president (1994)

(nominations begin at 4:12)



Nelson Mandela's inaugural address (1994)



Nelson Mandela meets South Africa’s Springbok rugby team (1995)



Nelson Mandela at the United Nations (excerpts, 1990 to 1998)



Nelson Mandela says AIDS is a human rights issue (2008)