Church bus packed with teenagers crashes in Indianapolis, killing 3 (VIDEO)


A church bus loaded with teenagers returning home from summer camp has crashed in Indianapolis, killing three people and injuring 26.

The Indianapolis Star cited the Indianapolis Fire Department as saying the bus was attempting a turn at high speed off I-465.

The three fatalities were a husband and wife and a teenager, who were among the passengers, the Star said.

Another teenager was listed in critical condition.

The newspaper said the bus — one of two buses returning from a camp in Michigan, with 37 passengers and the driver aboard — was only about a mile from its destination when it crashed.

The bus' brakes may have not worked properly, witnesses said. Motorist Carol Albright told the Star that she saw the bus "going very fast" when it hit a median.

"It kind of pivoted on the nose of the bus and did a little bit of a twist. How it didn't hit another car, I don't know."

Local TV station WTHR reported that the bus driver told witnesses his brakes had failed.

CNN cited a witness as saying the smashed bus teetered on the concrete barrier with a young woman's leg pinned between them.

The scene was littered with bloodied bodies of survivors and luggage.

John Murphy, who'd stopped along the northern Indianapolis road, said:

"I saw bodies everywhere, kids in shock and disbelief... There was a lot of blood. There was an awful lot of blood."


13 WTHR Indianapolis

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