iDodge Tax Flash Mob Protest at the Apple Store in London

The World

iDodge Tax Protest Flashmob at the Apple Store in London. (Photo: YouTube screen grab)

Apple computers and iPhones may be just about everywhere in the world but we're searching for Apple's European headquarters. The flashy corporate building is located just north of Blarney Road in Ireland Can you name the city? It rhymes with fork. A US Congressional subcommittee is looking into whether Apple paid its fair share of taxes to Ireland. Critics accuse Apple of deliberately shuffling around its global, multi-billion dollar profits in order to lower its tax bill. A group of about 50 protesters showed their displeasure with Apple when they occupied Apple flagship store on Regent Street in London in what they called an iDodge taxes protest The flash mob struck up some traditional Irish music and temporarily turned the store into Irish territory with music, dancing, and posters. British comedian Mark Thomas tells the World about the protests. You can find Apple Computer's gleaming Irish headquarters in the south west city of Cork, in the Irish province of Munster. Cork, third most populous city in Ireland is the answer to our Geo Quiz.