13 Skeletons Unearthed in London Could Shed Light on the Plague

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Here's a mystery for you to solve. Archaeologists have made a gruesome discovery in central London. They found 13 skeletons that date back 700 years. They were dug up during a tunnel building project for a new railway. And the grave could be the tip of the iceberg. Historians say as many as 50,000 people died around the year 1348. The cause of this 14th century horror…that's our Geo Quiz. Name the phenomenon that spread across Europe and re-shaped the human landscape of London. The Black Plague or Black Death obliterated entire populations across Europe in the 14th century. Barney Sloane is an archaeologist and author of "The Black Plague of London." He says the skeletons that have turned up during railway excavations in central London may reveal something about the nature of the plague that killed some 50,000 people, and about the way some survivors courageously responded to the horrible "Black Death".
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