Killing of Kurds in Paris 'an Assassination'

The World

A tribute to assassinated PKK activist, Sakine Cansiz, at the Kurdish cultural centre in Paris. (Photo: REUTERS/Charles Platiau)

Three Kurdish women were murdered in Paris last night, execution style. The French Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, described it as an assassination. All were activists for the PKK, the militant group that's long fought for Kurdish rights in Turkey. One was a PKK co-founder, a woman called Sakine Cansiz. The US and Turkey call the PKK a terrorist group. The killings come at a sensitive time, says Newsweek's Paris Bureau Chief, Christopher Dickey. "Only yesterday it was announced," says Dickey, that the main leader of the PKK, "had reached an agreement (with Turkey) for a roadmap to end the 30-year-old insurgency." Paris has "a long, grim tradition of murder linked to the Middle East," Dickey adds.