Kim Jong Il died in a 'fit of rage' over dam project


Late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il reportedly died of a heart attack brought on by a fit over a leak at a power plant under construction, the New York Daily News reported today.

The South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo reported that Kim died “in a fit of rage” after he was told there was a water leak at the hydro-electric power station in Huichon in the country’s north.

"After being briefed about the leak, Kim Jong Il lambasted officials and ordered them to repair it," an unnamed source told Chosun Ilbo.

"He rushed to make an on-site inspection of the facility unable to contain his anger and died suddenly."

North Korea announced last December that Kim had died of a heart attack on his train en route to a field inspection.

The Chosun Ilbo reported that the power plant was to supply half of the power needs of Pyongyang and ease the capital’s power shortage problems.

According to The Independent, Kim considered the project to be crucial for Pyongyang and he visited the site at least eight times since work on the project started in 2009.

Kim has been succeeded by his youngest son, Kim Jong Un.

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