Panda born at San Diego Zoo named Xiao Liwu, or 'Little Gift'

Giant pandas Bai Yun and her 9-month-old offspring, Su Lin, celebrate Mother's Day at the San Diego Zoo with a flurry of snow on May 14, 2006 in San Diego, California.
San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo has unveiled the name of the sixth giant panda born at the Zoo — Xiao Liwu, or "Little Gift."

The cub, born July 29, was named 100 days after its birth according to Chinese zoo tradition, the Associated Press reported.

Xiao Liwu — pronounced "sshyaoww-lee-woo" — was chosen from 7,000 suggested names, with Zoo officials nominating six of their favorite suggestions and putting them to a vote of more than 35,000 visitors to the zoo's website.

According to CNS, Xiao Liwu received 21.8 percent of the vote.

Other suggestions contenders included Miracle, Raindrop, Big Ocean or Big Sea, Brave Son and Water Dragon.

The cub's mother is named Bai Yun, which means "white cloud," and father Gao Gao, which means "big big."

Xiao Liwu, born weighing 9.2 pounds, was Bai Yun's sixth cub and her fifth with Gao Gao.

According to the LA Times, four of Bai Yun's cubs were moved to China, a condition of the panda loan agreement between the zoo and Chinese officials.

At 21, she is the oldest panda known to have given birth, the AP wrote.

CNS cited giant panda expert Ron Swaisgood as saying the cub was cooperative despite having been conceived during a violent hailstorm last March.

He added:

"He's a bit on the small side, but he's very healthy, very strong and vibrant."

Xiao Liwu won't go on public display for a few weeks yet but can be viewed on the zoo's Pandacam.