Argentina's Ship Libertad Seized In Dispute Over Debt Repayment

The World

The Argentine ship Libertad tied up at the dock in Ghana (Photo: Reuters)

For our Geo Quiz we're searching for a port city where an Argentine Navy ship has been detained. The "Libertad" is far from Argentina's shores on the other side of the Atlantic, in fact. It was seized in the West African nation of Ghana in early October. The ship and its international crew of 200 were on a training voyage. But they're unable to sail on from Ghana because of a multi million dollar dispute between Argentina and some of its creditors. We'll unpack that dispute in just a moment. For now try and name Ghana's largest seaport that's located about 15 miles east of the capital Accra. For the answer we turn to Wall Street Journal reporter Ianthe Dugan, who's following the story of the Argentine ship seized at the dock in the Ghanaian port of Tema. Dugan says the impasse involves a New York financial services company's claims on money they say is owed to them by Argentina, and its is getting more complicated by the day.