US Election: What if Brazil could vote?

Kyle Kim
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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — As part of GlobalPost's project to interview 100 people in 20 locations around the world about the 2012 US election, we asked Brazilians:

Who do you want to win the 2012 US election?

Will the election affect your country?

How has your view of the US changed since President Obama took office?

What should the next US president do?

  • Country: Brazil
  • Name: Leandro Rente
  • Occupation: American-style cheerleading coach
  • Age: 24
  • I would vote for: Obama
My vote: “I don’t know Mitt. You don’t vote for someone you don’t know, so I’d vote for Obama.”

The election's impact: “It always has an effect. Nothing is isolated in a global economy.”

My view: “I didn’t expect Obama to be elected [in 2008] for the fact he is black. It improved my opinion of the American people. From Bush to Obama is drastic. Obama is not so intense.”

Top priority: “Stop exploiting other people's oil!”
  • Country: Brazil
  • Name: Roberto Martins
  • Occupation: Beach drink vendor
  • Age: Middle-age
  • I would vote for: Obama
My vote: “I’d vote for Obama. I never saw a candidate like that, that skin.”

The election's impact: “In a way, it affects Brazil. Brazil depends on the US.”

My view: “It got better. The one who was there before was worse. It’s hard to believe [Obama] killed bin Laden because he didn’t bring the human remains back. Maybe Osama bin Laden is drinking cachaça [Brazilian liquor] right over there.”

Top priority: “There are a lot of countries with their own religion. He should stop meddling with other countries. Countries are different.”
  • Country: Brazil
  • Name: Cristine Gerk
  • Occupation: Cops reporter and editor
  • Age: 28
  • I would vote for: Obama
My vote: “I would vote for Obama because of his policies, especially his foreign policy. It is in Brazilians' interest for him to be anti-war. Also, immigration and welfare issues”

The election's impact: "It has an effect because of the economy and foreign policy. ... The global economic crisis began in the US and Europe and affected us here”

My view: “It got better, certainly. He is very charismatic and improved the American image. He is very humble and did not have a hostile position with other countries, especially developing ones.”

Top priority: “The most important duty is to resuscitate the economy, which is the greatest challenge. Also to maintain foreign policy, to end the bases outside the US.”
  • Country: Brazil
  • Name: Gisela Nyari
  • Occupation: Newsstand owner
  • Age: 58
  • I would vote for: Romney
My vote: “Romney, Romney! Because he is someone who is not yet in the government. You can give him a chance to see who he is.”

The election's impact: “Any election in any country affects you. It may not affect you directly. Look what happens when they change the currency — it affects you.”

My view: “Look, Obama did something a lot of presidents did. He was popular, but then he got comfortable.”

Top priority: “There are a lot of people without a job. There are a lot of people who lost their homes. He has to improve this. He has to do something for people to be able to get work.”
  • Country: Brazil
  • Name: Vanessa Lima
  • Occupation: Snack bar attendant
  • Age: 19
  • I would vote for: Undecided
My vote: “I don’t know anyone running.”

The election's impact: “It doesn’t affect us in any way.”

My view: “It got a little better.”

Top priority: “The most important duty of the president is to take care of his country.”

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