Seven Ohio Voters: From Liberal to Conservative and Everything in Between

The Takeaway
All week, The Takeaway is speaking with voters from a swing county a crucial swing state: Lake County, Ohio.  From liberal to conservative, from a 21-year-old student to a 79-year-old great-grandfather, The Takeaway's seven Lake County voters represented a diverse group. Participants included: Marisa Cornachio, a Willoughby, Ohio resident, attorney and adjunct professor at Lakeland Community College. The mother of three, Marisa and her husband are registered Republicans. Veronica Dahlberg an Ashtabula County, Ohio who who works in Painesville, Ohio, is the executive director of a nonprofit organization focused on Latino outreach and advocacy. Veronica is the mother of three, and a registered Democrat. Al Jones, a Concord, Ohio resident, and a Deacon at St. John's Baptist Church who sits on the boards of several nonprofits in the Lake County. He and his wife are registered Democrats, as are his children and grandchildren. Kiarra Jones, a student at Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio, where she is a member of the basketball team. Kiarra is a registered Independent, and 2012 marks her first time voting in a presidential election. Kim Lobe, a Willoughby Hills, Ohio resident, is a development director at a private girls school. Kim and her husband are registered Republicans, and her three, college-age sons are registered Democrats. John Rampe, a Willoughby Hills, Ohio, resident, is the president of a manufacturing company, a registered Republican and a father of three grown children. Joe Tirpak, a Mentor, Ohio resident since 1967, is a human resources management consultant. A great-grandfather, Joe is a registered Republican and his wife is an Independent. On Monday, we had three votes in favor of Obama, and three in favor of Romney. The deciding vote seemed to come down to John Rampe, an undecided voter with a strong sense of fiscal responsibility and a moderate perspective on social issues.