The Battle Over Tjukkmjølk

The World

This Norwegian town is famous for mines and reindeer. (Photo: Siri)

For Monday's Geo Quiz we head north. How far north? Well, go to Lillehammer, Norway, and then keep going for another 160 miles. We're looking for a small, but historic town famous for both copper mines and reindeer herding. Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, the inhabitants built wooden homes. Dozens of these houses are still standing, and the locals still call them home. And because of those houses, the town was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site back in 1980. The town, and the region, are also famous for a few typically Norwegian delicacies. They include a sour milk called Tjukkmjølk. One Swedish celebrity chef who moved to Norway wants the milk's name legally protected…like Parma ham, or Champagne. But local farmers aren't so sure that's good for the tourist trade. The BBC's Maddy Savage reports from Røros, Norway, which is the answer to today's quiz.
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