We Redesign Canada, They Redesign Us

Studio 360
The World
What would Canada and the US look like if we gave each other a makeover? Kurt Andersen joins forces with Jian Ghomeshi, host of the CBC's daily arts and culture program Q, for our new redesign project. All through June, the two programs will be giving each countries' brand identities a much needed jolt. "It's not what you think of us," Jian tells Kurt. "It's that you don't think of us. Here we are the biggest trading partner. We grow up learning all about American history and culture, and we don't feel like that's reciprocated. You know something about hockey and beer – which is actually correct, those are two of our national pastimes. But there's a lack of appreciation for our cultural diversity and vibrance." Studio 360 will be rebranding Canada, while Q takes on Uncle Sam. We need your help: send us your six-word slogan that gives Canada and America true identity. Submit your slogan for Canada Submit your slogan for America On July 1, Canada Day, Kurt and Jian will reveal the winning slogans and the new looks.   
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