Zug Island's Humming Keeps Residents in Canada Awake

The World

Zug Island as seen from Delray, Detroit. (Photo: Wikipedia)

For the Geo Quiz, we would like you to locate Zug Island. The island is no scenic getaway, but a heavy industrial site that was developed on a 600-acre man-made island. On most days, smoke pours out of the high stacks of a steel mill there and drifts high above the Rouge river or River Rouge as the locals call it. Right now Canadian residents on one side of the river are complaining about a loud humming noise they say is coming from the island. The complaints have reached as high as the US State Department and some say it could blow up into an international incident. The man-made island lies in between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario where the mouth of the River Rouge spills into the Detroit River. Residents of Windsor have long complained about industrial noise pollution they believe is coming from Zug Island, but there is no solution yet on the table for getting rid of the "nocturnal beast" that is keeping locals awake at night in Windsor. Anchor Marco Werman talks to Wall Street Journal's Alistair MacDonald about the issue.
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