Sold! Wyoming Town Goes to Highest Bidder, A Vietnamese Businessman

The World

Buford, Wyoming (Photo: Wiki Commons)

For today's Geo Quiz we are looking for the name of a town in Wyoming just of I-80. The town is just 10 acres or so large. The one resident is also the mayor. He's planning to leave so he put the town up for auction. Can you name the tiny town? Maybe you saw the headlines last week about a tiny town in Wyoming that went up for auction. Bidders from over 100 countries took part in the auction, hoping to buy a piece of the American rock. The winning bid – we now know – came from a Vietnamese businessman in Ho Chi Minh City. Pham Dinh Nguyen paid $900,000 for the right to own Buford, Wyoming (today's answer) – all 10 acres of it. Reporter Rebecca Martinez with Wyoming Public Radio has more.