A Community North of Toronto that is Home to Several Music Bands

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A street sign in Thornhill, Canada. (Photo: AndroidCat/Wikipedia)

For the Geo Quiz we are looking for a small bedroom community about 70 miles north of Toronto. It is a community actually divided in half between the town of Markham and the city of Vaughan. It runs along the east and the west sides of Yonge Street and roots back to 1794. One of its earliest residents and business bigwigs was Benjamin Thorne. He operated a gristmill, sawmill and tannery. And it was Benjamin's last name, Thorne, that the city's current names derives from. In 1990s this community gave birth to several bands on the Canadian music scene including The Philosopher Kings and the political, satirical music group Moxy Fruvous. Thornhill is the answer to the Geo Quiz. It is also where singer Hayden is from as well as the group The Philosopher Kings and Jian Ghomeshis' band Moxy Fruvous. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks to Jian Ghomeshi, host of the CBC program "Q" about Pierre Juneau who died Tuesday at the age of 89. Canadian musicians, actors and filmmakers mourned the death of Juneau saying he country has lost its staunchest defender of the arts. Starting in the 1970s, Pierre Juneau wanted to make sure that Canadian musicians and television programs got air time in an industry dominated by Hollywood and the BBC. An example of his efforts was the Canadian Content Regulations, which came into effect during his tenure as chairman of the Canadian government agency and helped artists like Bryan Adams.
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