A 3000-Year-Old Singer Discovered in Egypt

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A handout picture released by Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities on January 15, 2012 shows the grave of Nany of the 22nd Dynasty, a singer of the Egyptian deity Amun-Re.

For the Geo Quiz, we are walking in the Valley of the Kings. A team of Swiss archaeologists has discovered an 1,100-year-old tomb in Upper Egypt near the Nile River. Unlike many ancient tombs that have been emptied of their treasure, this one contained a surprise; Not a pharaoh or ancient king, but a woman who may have been a singer in ancient times. So which modern Egyptian city would you visit on your way to this tomb? Every year, this city attracts thousands of tourists who come to explore the Valley of the Kings. It is located on the banks of the Nile where the ancient city of Thebes once flourished. Luxor is the answer to the Geo Quiz. The tomb belonged to Nehmes Bastet and one blogger likened her to a 3000-year-old Lady Gaga. Perhaps a better analogy would be to a woman who was practically a court singer in Egypt: the legendary Oum Kalsoum. Anchor Marco Werman talks to Dr. Susanne Bickel, head of the archaeology team from Basel University, Switzerland, who have discovered the tomb.