"Lesbian vampire killer" Tracey Wigginton released after 20 years in Australian jail


One of Australia's most notorious murderers, "lesbian vampire killer" Tracey Wigginton, has been released after 20 years behinds bars. 

Wigginton was dubbed "lesbian vampire killer" owing to the bizarre and brutal nature of the crime.

Wigginton, 26 at the time, and three other women, including her then-lover, randomly chose a victim — Edward Baldock, 47, walking home in Brisbane after a night of drinking, the Courier-Mail newspaper reported.

The women lured Baldock into a car near a dark riverbank with the promise of sex, then stabbed him 27 times, nearly severing his neck. After the murder, Wigginton drank his blood.

The Daily Mail recounted that Wigginton told jurors at her trial "that she did not live on solid food but drank the blood of pigs and cows which she obtained from her local butcher."

Her lesbian lover at the time, Lisa Ptaschinski, "told the court that she would slit her own wrists so that Wigginton could drink her blood."

Ptaschiski also received a life term; one of the other women was sentenced to 18 years jail for manslaughter and the fourth woman was acquitted after a court said had not taken part.

Concerns were raised about Wigginton's release from her past prosecutor and relatives of the victim.

According to News.com.au, Wigginton was confined to a more secure jail  five years ago after a prison altercation.

Despite this, she will not be electronically monitored once she is back in society. However, under the conditions of her release she is not allowed to contact her co-offenders or the victim's family, nor can she sell her story to media organizations or profit from her crime in any way.