Romney Wins Iowa By 8 Votes

The Takeaway
Former  Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney edged out former Senator Rick Santorum by  just eight votes  in Tuesday night's Iowa caucuses. After spending most of the night locked in a dead heat with  Santorum  and  Rep. Ron Paul, Romney was declared the winner early Wednesday morning with 24.6 percent of the vote. Paul finished in third place, followed by Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann. Perry announced he would  suspend his campaign  to return to Texas. Pat Blank, senior news producer for Iowa Public Radio, reports on what she witnessed at Tuesday's caucuses. Ron Christie, Republican political strategist and political contributor to The Takeaway and WNYC's It's A Free Country, gives his analysis from Des Moines. Jon Ward, senior political reporter for The Huffington Post, looks at how the evangelical vote carried Rick Santorum to a near win in Iowa.