Should the US Care About Saving the Euro?

The Takeaway
European leaders meet in Brussels on Thursday for the start of a two day  summit in what many are hoping will be a turning point for resolving the euro zone crisis. Expectations are high that a deal can be brokered by Germany and France to overhaul economic rules and create confidence in the beleaguered currency. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner  met with European officials  earlier this week, a sign of American interest in reaching a resolution. But some economists and politicians are beginning to question whether, from the U.S. perspective, the euro is really worth saving. Joining The Takeaway to discuss the EU summit, and question the importance of  saving the euro, is Megan McArdle, senior editor for The Atlantic. She says what happens to the euro could have a major impact on the U.S. economy. Steven Erlanger,Paris bureau chief for The New York  Times, reports on the latest from Brussels.
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