Occupy Our Homes Spreads Throughout the Country

The Takeaway
The impact of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations around the country is difficult to see in raw numbers. But the way in which the national discourse has been moved, and how individual lives have been changed tells another compelling story of the movement's potential.  The families in millions of households across the nation who are fighting to hold onto their homes against banks, authority, and the much reviled "1 percent" may have a powerful new ally. Occupy Our Homes, the latest incarnation of the OWS, is seizing foreclosed homes and claiming them for families in need. The Takeaway brings you inside one of those homes with  Brigitte Walker. An Iraqi War veteran, mother, and homeowner under foreclosure in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, Walker's home is being protected by Occupy protesters camped out her in front lawn.  Tim Franzen is one of those Occupy Atlanta protesters. He discusses why Occupy demonstrators are taking their fight to people's homes.