How Much Does Adultery Matter in Politics?

The Takeaway
Herman Cain is the latest in a long line of political figures dogged by allegations of extramarital affairs. Cain is said to be reconsidering his campaign after an Atlanta woman came forward on Monday alleging a 13-year-affair with the one-time Republican front runner. But, should the allegations be true, Cain is hardly alone when it comes to adultery. Fellow GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich had two marriages unravel after affairs. Mark Sanford, Eliot Spitzer, Jim McGreevey, and Bill Clinton are just a few names on a long list of American politicians with wandering eyes. But does adultery disqualify a candidate from political office? Does being unfaithful to one's spouse give any indication of what kind of leader he or she might be? Noel Biderman, founder and chief executive officer of, the website that lets married people discreetly find someone to have an affair, and  Ed Young, pastor at Fellowship Church and author of the book "Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse," debate whether adultery matters in politics.
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