Live in a cold state? Here's an easy way to cut your winter electric bill

Living on Earth

A Massachusetts man is cutting down on his energy bills by using ice during the winter to keep his refrigerator cool. (Photo by Flickr user Shandchem, cc-by-sa.)

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Looking for a way to save some money on your electric bill this winter?

Why not use mother nature to help you keep the fridge cool?

David Lachman, a resident of western Massachusetts, has used the principles of the old fashioned ice box to keep his refridgerator cooler during the winter.

During the winter months, when ice comes essentially free just by putting a bucket of water outside for a few hours, Lachman used home-made ice blocks to keep the temperature inside the refridgerator down so the compressor doesn't need to turn on.

"Fill up some plastic containers with water that will fit on the top shelf of your fridge, and put them outside to freeze," he said. "When frozen, put them on the top shelf of the fridge."

Lachman said he swaps out the containers every morning (back outside they go), or more frequently if he's opening the fridge a lot.

He said the colder areas of the country could save a lot of energy by doing this. He has already.


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