Christians and police clash violently in Egypt, Middle East news round-up

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[waitingforcorrection: invalid GUID, no audio attached] 24 people died, and more than 200 were wounded in Egypt last night, after a violent clash ensued between Coptic Christian protesters and the military council ruling Egypt. This past weekend, President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen vaguely indicated he might step down, but then Sunday presented a plan to the Gulf Cooperation Council, in which he's remain in office until next year's elections. Meanwhile, the Syrian government demanded that foreign countries refuse to recognize the new opposition group, the Syrian National Council, amid more anti-opposition violence. And supporters of the transitional Libyan government fought their way into the coastal city of Sirte, which many consider the last remaining stronghold of Qaddafi supporters within Libya. David Kirkpatrick is  Cairo bureau chief for The New York Times.  Barbara Bodine is  former United States Ambassador to Yemen.
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