Obama's jobs bill, GOP debate make active week

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It's an active week in politics with President Barack Obama's jobs bill slated for a Senate vote this week, and Republicans are headed into another debate.

All that happens while the Occupy Wall Street protesters enter their fourth week, but with some facing a permit deadline in certain cities.

So, where does that leave the rest of Americans? Mostly along for the ride.

Rick Klein, senior Washington editor for ABC’s “World News,” says that while there's a good chance the Obama jobs bill will be passed in the U.S. Senate, it'll be dead on arrival in the U.S. House of Representatives.

"There's still some Demcoratic opposition, but they feel like they've made a good case that they can balance the budget on the backs of the rich," Klein said of Democratic leaders. "It has a good populist theme and it's something the Occupy Wall Street folks can applaud."

Klein said the upcoming debate, Tuesday night in New Hampshire is important for both Mitt Romney, as well as the other candidates in the race, but it's absolutely critical for Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

"He's had three in a row that were sub-par," Klein said of Perry.

"Keep in mind the location. Mitt Romney is the runaway leader...he has to maintain that front-leader status. It's a must-win for Romney."


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