Protests spread after 700 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested

The Takeaway
The World
Over 700 protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement  were arrested on Saturday  while attempting to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. Police said the  arrests  were made because protesters were obstructing the roadway, though many protesters have charged that the NYPD tricked them by allowing them onto the bridge. The movement, now in its third week, has spread from a handful of protesters in New York's Zuccotti Park to demonstrations in Boston, Washington, Denver, Los Angeles, and other cities. Natasha Lennard, a freelance reporter for  The New York Times, was among those arrested on Saturday. J.A. Myerson, independent journalist and media coordinator for Occupy Wall Street, talks about what he witnessed. Philip Martin, reporter for WGBH Boston, is covering the protests there, where 2,000 demonstrators are expected today.
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