'Super Committee' Member Xavier Becerra Describes Debt Negotiations

The Takeaway
Six weeks after the Congressional showdown over raising the debt ceiling came to resolution, the 12 member Congressional deficit reduction committee, sometimes referred to as the "super committee" or "super Congress," will have its first meeting today. Federal spending, taxes, and deficit reduction are all on the super committee's agenda as it tries to cut nearly $1.2 trillion from the nation's debt over the next decade.   Rep. Xavier Becerra, Democrat of California and super committee member, talks about the difficult tasks that lie ahead for the committee, and how they intend on avoiding the partisan bickering that nearly brought the government to a shutdown over the summer. The Takeaway is also working in partnership with It's A Free Country to convene our very own super committee of regular people – not politicians – who will work together to help solve the country's problems of debt. Stay tuned for more information about the people's debt committee, and how you can participate.