Gadhafi still missing, Libya moves on

The Takeaway
Libyan rebel leaders have rejected  the prospect of having United Nations peacekeepers aid in the transition to a new government, according to top UN officials. The rebels also continue to search for Moammar Gadhafi, as Gadhafi's wife and three children fled to Algeria  yesterday. The rebels are also facing growing pressure to provide basic services to the Libyan people, like water and electricity, in advance of actually organizing a transitional government. Anthony Shadid, Beirut bureau chief for our partner, The New York Times, has been following the impact that the search for Gadhafi has had on the National Transitional Council and the people of Libya. Retired  Lt. Col.  Steven D. Russell, who was one of the key leaders in the hunt and capture of Saddam Hussein,  explains how the search for an elusive and virtually deposed dictator is organized.