How US cities are reacting to the debt crisis

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The nation's debt crisis has all eyes on the politicians on Capitol Hill. But we wanted to know how the debt crisis is playing out in different cities across the country –  what local fears and concerns are, and what people have to say about what's happening in the District of Columbia. We headed to Denver, Colo., Detroit, Mich., and Miami, Fla. to hear what people have to say about the current debt crisis. To give us a local perspective we speak with reporters covering the crisis in these cities. In Denver,  Nathan Heffel, KUVO's news and public affairs manager, says small business owners are worried, but people are mostly worried about their 401(K)s.  Craig Fahle, host of "The Craig Fahle Show"  on WDET  in Detroit, says people there are more angry than worried, even though many are struggling to understand what exactly is going on. And in Miami  Doug Hanks, economy writer for The Miami Herald, says that people were not too concerned this time last week, but now many have changed their stances.
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