Where Lions Like to Attack After the Full Moon

The World

Tanzania lion (flickr image: sakkewiik)

Beware the full moon for the Geo Quiz. A new study from the University of Minnesota suggests that lions are more likely to attack right after a full moon — that's if you are in the East African country we're looking for this time. Study author Craig Packer has been observing lions for 30 years in this country. "It's a very diverse habitat from the highest point on the African continent, Mount Kilimanjaro, which has glaciers, to swamps down on the coast. It's also arid in some areas, high rainfall in others, and it is the home of the largest remaining lion population in Africa." Packer says lion attacks on humans have been on the rise there since the mid-1990s. So where are we? Answer: Tanzania! Anchor Lisa Mullins talks with Packer who says the number of lion attacks on human beings has been on a worrisome rise in Southeastern Tanzania since the mid 1990s.
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