Typewriters from India

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Laxmi Road, Pune India (Photo: Gildemax)

We're looking for a city in India for the Geo Quiz. It's located in the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai is there, too, some 90 miles northwest of the city we want you to name. It's a city that's sometimes called "the Oxford of the East" because of its many colleges and other educational institutions. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit word 'punya' which means 'virtue'. And here's one more clue: Until recently, a company was making manual typewriters at a factory there but that's history now. The answer is Pune, India, where the factory for manufacturing company Godrej & Boyce was the last in the world to produce manual typewriters. Production was shut down in 2009, and now the company says there are less than 200 typewriters left on the shelves. We hear from Milind Dukle, General Manager of Godrej & Boyce.