Asian street cuisine

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This Geo Quiz might make you hungry! We're looking for a large city in Southeast Asia. The city's name means "city of angels." It became its country's capital in the 18th century. It's big: roughly nine million people live in the city. And it has great food and not merely in the fancy restaurants. "The less aesthetic appeal a restaurant has, the better the food is going to be. You have to be a bit adventurous.. these aren't pretty restaurants so you need to be a little bit daring." Where are we? The answer is Bangkok, Thailand. Now even if you've never visited the city, you're probably familiar with its food. You can find Thai restaurants just about everywhere but for the real thing, you've got to go to Bangkok itself. Not so much to the restaurants but the streets. That's what correspondent Jake Warga did. He first got a lesson from a Bangkok chef.
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