Jazzercise from the Jazz Age

Studio 360

Last weekend, Studio 360 was all aboutart as medicine. When we were doing research for the show, we called our colleagues in the WNYC archives --- a treasure trove of nearly a century of media made or collected at the station. Here are a few things found in the stacks.

(Click on the images for a closer look.)

The 1922 three-record set below came with a guide to exercises including the "Liberty Bell march" (No. 1) and the "Salut d'amour" (No. 3 -- not unlike the now-hip "sun salute"?).

Try out the "Salut d'amour" yourself -- listen here:

And to finish your workout, two exercises from Dr. Erich Klinge (recorded sometime between 1903 and 1926) -- Nos. 9 and 10, in bracing German!

Special thanks to New York Public Radio's Andy Lanset and Marcos Sueiro Bal.