C Street: sex scandals, fundamentalism, family

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133 C Street Southeast is a nondescript red-brick building in Washington DC. Behind the bricks, however, the building registered as a church and affiliated with a secretive Christian group known as ?The Family.? C Street friends and ?Family? have included Strom Thurmond, Pat Robertson's father (Absalom Willis Robertson), John Ashcroft, and some of the biggest names in government. Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford shares ties with C Street. In fact, he disclosed the truth about his extra-marital affair with his friends there before the affair went public. But Sanford's isn't the only sex scandal linked to C Street. And sex scandals are, in fact, only one of many questionable things linked to the brick structure on Capitol Hill. Jeff Sharlet has been researching C Street for years. He's been inside C Street. He's the author of a new book about the happenings inside the building called ?C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy.? And he shares his knowledge with us today. EXCERPT: 'C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American
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