US faces off against Algeria in crucial World Cup game

The World
It's been an exciting World Cup for the U.S. soccer team so far, but today's match is the crucial one. The winner of today's match against Algeria will advance to the second round while the loser will be eliminated. "The U.S. is ranked 14th and Algeria is ranked 30th and it really doesn't matter," says New York Times sports columnist, George Vecsey. In their two previous matches, the U.S. team came from behind to secure a draw. Once against group favorite, England, and the other against Slovenia in a heart breaker that would have been a thrilling win if not for a controversial foul call by the referee. The U.S. team will need a clear win against Algeria if they want to secure their place in the second round. George Vecsey, sports columnist for our partner The New York Times is in South Africa to watch the game.
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