All Apologies ... to Erin

Studio 360
The World

A couple weeks ago, Studio 360 featured the good works of David Ellis Dickerson --- former Hallmark greeting card employee gone solo. He takes commissions at his blog, Greeting Card Emergency. He has a real gift for making greeting cards for sticky situations: like for when you go to your friend's house for a party and then break their toilet.

Little did we realize we were sitting on a situation of our own:

Dear David,

We're hoping you can help us out with another emergency. In the credits of that very same episode of our show, we forgot to list Erin Calabria, our super hard-working Production Assistant. She hasn't mentioned it, because she's a mensch like that. And we wish we could say this is the first time we've made a dumb oversight --- hopefully, it's the last. We'd like to give Erin (and others) a card that shows we noticed the gaffe and we're sorry and we appreciate them.

He came to our rescue:

Thank you, David. And thank you, Erin, for sharing your greatness with us.

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