Takeouts: public option, NFL, and listener responses

The World
Washington Takeout: Once again, health care reform conversations are happening behind closed doors. Takeaway Contributor Todd Zwillich drops by to tell us about Senator Conrad's (D-ND) possible lean towards the public option. Sports Takeout: We play a little Monday morning quarterback with The Takeaway's sports contributor, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, as we look at a battle of undefeateds: the New York Giants and the New Orleans Saints. He also mentions a wild finish for Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings, and Tom Brady breaking a single quarter record for touchdowns. Listeners Respond: Last week's discussion on Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his anti-immigration sweep started a heated discussion on our website. We take a look at a piece of that discussion, as well as listener responses to how the economy has effected your values.