Geo Quiz and answer

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For today's Geo Quiz -- we're looking for an Iraqi city located in the northeast of the country. It's part of Iraqi Kurdistan. Kurdistan is an autonomous region of borders Iran, Turkey and Syria. We're after the name of the city that's considered the cultural and economic center of Kurdistan. It's also where an international women and girls' basketball camp took place last summer. Now a year later, some of the young Iraqi players are visiting the United States. Iraqi Girl's Basketball Team Visit: photo http://www.sport4peace.orgIraqi Girl's Basketball Team Visit: photo It's a chance for the girls to get some help with their jumpshots from some top coaches and players in the W-N-B-A. We'll hear more about these young point guards and centers in a moment. First -- we want to know where in Iraqi Kurdistan they're from? We're going to get the answer from one of their coaches in just a few seconds so think quick! The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Sulaymaniya in northern Iraq. Some Iraqi teenagers from Sulaymaniya are getting a chance this month to experience US women's basketball. Ten girls, ages 14-16, and two female coaches are part of an international sports exchange sponsored by the State Department in partnership with Global Sports Partners/Sports4Peace. Anchor Lisa Mullins gets details from Sara Hillyer, founder of Sports4Peace.