Geo Quiz

The World
For today's Geo Quiz, we're in search of a good sandwich. What's simpler than a sandwich? A slice of bread, something in the middle, another slice of bread. This humble yet elegant snack, nay, meal is enjoyed in countless variations the world over. British food blogger Simon Majumdar recently asked his readers this question: What's the world's best sandwich? "The favorite sandwich that I've ever eaten is the most delicious thing, it's a soft, soft roll, it's got grilled mackerel on it which when you bite into hot off the fire, the juices just flow down your chin. It's got sharp, sweet onions, and it's got lots of salt and lemon juice on it, and it's not just the quality of the sandwich which is exceptional because its so fresh, it's also the context in which you eat it which is just spectacular." Those ingredients are the it's up to you to try and figure out where that sandwich is from. Name the city that matches the GPS coordinates of this mackerel sandwich!