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For today's Geo Quiz --- we've got talent. Ok if you can just cue up the other music please. Susan Boyle: BBCSusan Boyle: BBC Susan Boyle is a singing she is performing on the TV show "Britain's Got Talent" She stunned the judges with this performance of a ballad from Les Miz. So her 15 minutes of You Tube fame are now ticking away. For our quiz we want you to name her home town. The tiny Scottish village where Susan sings in the church choir isn't far from the big city. It's right on the old M8 road between Edinburgh and Glasgow. We'll pay a visit ...Stay tuned. For our Geo Quiz today -- we asked you about Susan Boyle. Is there ANYONE who doesn't know about this Scottish woman with the beautiful voice? Probably not -- she's been everywhere since wowing the judges of the TV show "Britain's Got Talent." Susan Boyle: BBCSusan Boyle: BBC Question is: where is she from? So we're calling up the manager of the Happy Valley Hotel in Scotland. Marco: "Hello -- Jackie Russell? Jackie --- what's the name of your town, the town that's been quickly been made famous by Susan Boyle?" The answer is: Blackburn, in West Lothian, Scotland. Listen to the interview: