Leaving Los Angeles

Studio 360

My time in Los Angeles is coming to an end. I will miss the phantasmagorically perfect weather, the hiking trails (with coyotes!) 5 minutes from my house, the focused and talented students (and faculty) of Art Center, and all the interesting strangers who tend to be, I think, more gratifyingly...openthan your typical New Yorker. But it'll also be good to get back to a place where urban life teems just outside one's front door, where I don't have to drive everywhere, and where the city (physically as well as culturally and intellectually) is more coherent, more truly (or at least obviously) a city.

Coming up soon on Studio 360 will be further chronicles of my L.A. adventures and investigations -- the car culture, a cool band from Tijuana, etc. -- and for now here's a link to a podcast I did with the L.A.-based Jesse Thorn of PRI's The Sound of Young America.