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Today's Geo Quiz sends us in search of a body of water off the north-east coast of Australia. There are many coral formations under the sea. In fact, this is where the Great Barrier Reef is. On a breezy, sunny day, these waters are perfect for sailing. And so Australian Jan Griffith and her family, including their dog Sophie, set sail one day last November. Sophie the dogSophie the dog ?We reached a rough patch around some notorious rocks and we looked back to make sure Sophie was ok she was gone! And we searched for a long time looking for her. But it was no go and we actually thought she would have drowned immediately once she hit the wake of the boat.? We'll learn Sophie's fate and the answer to today's Geo Quiz... We challenged you to come up with the name of the sea that's off the coast of Queensland, Australia. It's where the Great Barrier Reef is. It's also where Sophie the Dog went missing and was feared drowned late last year. The answer is the Coral Sea. View Larger Map And that cattle dog -- whose full name is Sophie Tucker -- fell overboard during a sailing trip. Sophie's owners, Jan and David Griffith, feared she had drowned. The Griffiths searched the waters. But there was no sign of they gave up hope. But, Sophie herself did NOT give up hope. She swam five nautical miles to Saint Bee's Island. The Griffiths had no idea of Sophie's whereabouts...or even that she was alive...until they were contacted by Australian park rangers. ?Yes we got a phone call last Sunday week and this cattle dog had shown up on the island at first it looked dreadful and now it looked good because they found it had been living on baby goats." The rangers brought Sophie back to the mainland...for her reunion with her owners. ?There was this woolly dog, definitely a cattle dog and when she looked up we knew it was Sophie and we called her and she whimpered and she banged the cage almost floored us and she was so glad to see us.? Jan Griffith says there wasn't a dry eye on the dock. Sophie's owner only wishes her pet could talk. What a shaggy dog story Sophie could tell.