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We're scanning the coast of Africa for today's Geo Quiz. This is a perilous stretch of coastline. Cold offshore ocean currents produce dense fog. And a harsh and steady wind drives the surf. That makes going ashore here next to impossible. Over the centuries, more than a thousand ships have tried, only to end up smashed on the rocks. You can still see the results. "People have found themselves completely bereft here unable to be rescued and the skeletons both of themselves and of their ships litter the coast for hundeds of miles." That's journalist Simon Winchester. He's at the place that early Portuguese sailors once called "the gates of Hell." We'll find out where in our geo answer. Journalist Simon Winchester answers today's Geo Quiz. He's working on what he calls a "biography" of the Atlantic Ocean. Winchester's research recently took him to a coast in southern Africa. Listen to his report. Click here for Simon Winchester's photos of shipwrecks on the Skeleton Coast...which is the answer to today's Geo Quiz.