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Celtic music producer Brian O'Donovan sent us this audio postcard from Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Listen: Some of the artists heard in the audio postcard from Corner Brook, Newfoundland include: Aislan HouseAislan House Aislan House from Newfoundland, Canada singing "Northwest Passage". Five sisters perform on ten different folk and traditional instruments; each sister playing three to four sometimes switching mid-song. Aaelin 13, Thea 16, Joesie 18, Cassy 19 and Kaliyan 20, started their musical journey at a young age learning to play guitar, fiddle, and step-dance. Colette CheverieColette Cheverie Colette Cheverie singing "Haul Away" hails from Prince Edward Island . She's regarded as one of PEI's finest young singers interpreting traditional folksongs from Atlantic Canada, and blending ancient and contemporary songs. Madison VioletMadison Violet Madison Violet (aka Madviolet) are a Toronto based duo: Lisa MacIsaac (vocals, guitar, fiddle, mandolin) and Brenley MacEachern (vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica). Together, they've been touring the globe from Antigonish to Australia, Geneva to Grenada. Troy MacGillivrayTroy MacGillivray Cape Breton fiddler Troy MacGillivray was the winner of the 2008 ECMA for Instrumental Recording of the Year & Music Nova Scotia Traditional / Roots Recording of the Year.
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