Travel tips

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#1 and most important: wear sunscreen. #2: learn a bit of language but lucky for travelers in Taiwan, many signs are also in English because Chinese is hard to learn. But the Chinese characters are fascinating. After a week, I can say �hi� and �thank you.� Tip #3: when I'm lost, I just have to sit down and breath. Today I'm high up in the mountains and in fact in the clouds. I'm on a trip around Taiwan with some travel writers. This writer does a lot of travel and his advice is before you leave home, walk around with your luggage and then figure out if you really need all that stuff. This writer says pack lightly and we need more Americans out there traveling because it makes you more compassionate to other cultures. Tip #4: consider putting Canadian flags on your luggage. This writer says he never checks his luggage and packs lightly.