Tensions running high between Pakistan and India

The Takeaway
"It's very dangerous for the region when you have a government that's weak, that has its back to the wall, you have a nuclear-armed neighbor to our west and there are implications that in some way or the other maybe some Pakistani militant groups were involved. It's a cocktail that can lead to a dangerous situation." ?Sanjoy Majumder on situation in South Asia Today, the people of Mumbai are making the effort to get their lives back to something approaching normality after the traumatizing events of last week. The clean-up operations at the targets hit by teams of gunmen are well underway. So, too, is the apportioning of blame. Tensions are running high between India and Pakistan - with many Indians believing that Pakistan played some part in the attacks. The Indian military is reported to have been put on a "war footing". Pakistan has responded by saying any escalation would require it to re-deploy forces from the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan. The message from Islamabad seems to be - "if you pin this on us, we won't be able to help you with the Taliban and al-Qaida". Joining us now from Delhi is BBC India Correspondent, SANJOY MAJUMDER