Bailout bill goes to the White House

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President Bush delivers remarks during a meeting with representatives of American businesses on the Economic Rescue Package (Image: White House photo by Eric Draper)

Congress has reversed itself and passed what's now called "economic rescue" plan -- 263 to 171 -- amid dismal news about employment and California's need for a big federal loan.

Saying that passage of the bill won't get us out of the recession, Republican leader John Boehner admitted that "it'll be a whole lot rougher ride if we don't pass this bill."

Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, acknowledged that in "my own state of California, officials -- including the governor -- are urgently calling for federal legislation to avoid economic catastrophe."

Will the bill resolve the credit crisis? Will taxpayers make money on a $700 billion investment? "To the Point" looks at what that could mean for the credit crunch and the crisis in housing.

- Richard Rubin: Economics Reporter,
- Steven Davidoff: Professor, Connecticut School of Law
- Robert Reich: former Secretary of Labor

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