The bailout and the debate

To the Point

After a weekend of political drama and late-night negotiations, Congress took up the latest version of the Wall Street rescue plan. With a price tag of $700 billion, nobody said they liked it, but supporters insisted the American people would be worse off without it. Opponents said it would never work.

On "To the Point" -- the latest about what's in the plan and why it has just failed to pass a vote in the House. A total of 218 votes were needed -- in the end, 205 votes were in favor; 228 votes were cast against.

And, after their first debate, with no knockouts and no big mistakes, John McCain and Barack Obama are both claiming they made the bailout better.

- James Politi: US Economics and Trade Correspondent, "Financial Times"
- James Barth: former Chief Economist, Federal Home Loan Bank Board
- James Galbraith: Professor of Government and Economics, University of Texas at Austin
- Mark Barabak: Political Reporter, "Los Angeles Times"
- Jennifer Rubin: blogger, "Commentary" magazine
- Tom Schaller: Professor of Political Science, University of Maryland

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