Chasing Huckabee, Jon Voight and youth issues with MTV Street Teamer

The Takeaway

Last night, I met up with Anthony Wojtkowiak on the floor of the Xcel Center, right before John McCain's acceptance speech. One of 51 state-based youth journalists who report on the presidential campaign and local politics as part of a MTV project called Street Team '08, Anthony came to the RNC all the way from Florida to track down some stories. As I watched him effortlessly chat with delegates from his home state, I wasn't a bit surprised to hear that a day earlier he had scored an interview with Mike Huckabee merely by doggedly pursuing him after a press conference.

When we left the convention floor, we heard a commotion. Anthony rushed toward it, calling out "Mr. Voight, Mr. Voight." It was actor Jon Voight; unfortunately, before Anthony even got out his first question, a publicist broke them up. Techniques that work on politicians don't always work on celebrities, it seems.

I spoke with Anthony about getting interviews, the rising cost of education, and how technology is making street-level reporting faster and easier.

-Jennifer Hsu, from "The Takeaway"

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