The latest energy saving trend: the four-day work week

The Takeaway

(image courtesy of Orbitgal / Flickr)

Its not just families that are grappling with the latest troubles in the economy; so are local and state governments. It's getting harder for them to pay heating bills and operating bills. People are getting more energy conscious -- buying hybrid cars, compact flourescent light bulbs, and low-flow shower heads.

Governments, too, are getting innovative. Some are considering what Utah and New Hampshire have already done: scaling back some of it's workers to a four-day work week. That means employees are working ten-hour days instead of the traditional eight-hour days.

Guests Rex Facer, Assistant Professor of Public Finance and Management at Brigham Young University, and Chip Chesley, Director of the General Services Department for the city of Concord, New Hampshire explain how this has impacted budgets and staff.

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