Attack on offshore Nigeria oil field

The World
(Do we know how MEND managed to pull off this attack?) the Nigerian security organizations are woefully ill equipped to handle the insurgency. The coast line is very vast. What's interesting is up until now no one had hit these offshore facilities, they had been considered too offshore and too deep for small boats to be able to reach, but they managed to have done it. MEND has carried out a number of attacks recently. (What's at the heart of MEND's demands?) Since oil was discovered in Nigeria 50 years ago, there's been a constant grievance that the communities in the Niger Delta have not seen any benefits from it, that they live in abject poverty. This has now taken on a complex situation where militant groups, politicians and security forces often collaborate in criminal dealings which make money for them so they can buy weapons so these militant groups are working to make money. (How direct is the connection between these attacks in Nigeria and rising prices at pumps in the US?) Nigeria is the largest oil exporter to the US. Nigeria has to cut its output with more attacks which then turns into higher prices in the world and in the US.